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How to Get Pre Workout Out of Your System

Most people at one stage or another have tried a pre workout as a little extra boost to help on those day when they feel like they are lacking that little bit extra in the energy department.

While pre-workouts for crossfit can and do work, sometimes you may by mistake end up taking too much or you might decide to skip your workout and head home for an early night.

In these scenarios you might be thinking how do I get pre workout out of my system?

Well ideally you would just wait it out and let the effects subside naturally.

The effects should start to wear off in roughly two hours depending on how much you have taken and how sensitive you are to the ingredients.

How to Get Pre Workout Out of Your System

1. Flush it Out with Water

One way to counter act the effects of pre workout in your system is to dilute it with water.

Drinking a lot of water will make the concentration of it be reduced but you will still have the same amount of the ingredients in your system.

Drinking lots of water may help it to run through your system much quicker allowing you to pee it out quicker.

2. Eat a large Greasy Meal

For some people they may get an upset stomach when taking pre workout. One way to counter act this and to help slow the absorption of pre workout is to eat a large greasy meal.

Obviously they may not be something that you might want to o right before you workout.

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Just like when you have a hangover fatty foods combined with starchy carbs can help to absorb some of the ingredients and you may end up absorbing a smaller amount through your digestive system.

3. Throw it Up

If you have taken way too much or you are allergic to some of the ingredients and it has not started to kick in yet then as a last resort you can try to make your self throw up and get pre workout out of your system.

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Doing so will only remove what has not been digested in the stomach so you may have to act fast.

This is probably the least desirable solution to remove it from your system.