CrossFit Running WODs for More Stamina

​CrossFit gives you the ability to be both physically and mentally ready for just about anything.

Although building full body strength and power is a great feeling sometimes you need to just run.

Let's face it in terms of physical attributes being able to run for a decent distance is one of the most basic types of fitness that every human should have.

Whether that's sprinting 200m or running 5 miles your body should be well conditioned to moving fast without gasping for breath after a few strides. 

You don't need any fancy equipment just your regular workout clothing and CrossFit training shoes. If however you are running really long distances or decide to train for a marathon the lift on CrossFit shoes might be a bit large and you would be best served to buy a dedicated pair of running shoes.

A lot of people will roll their eyes when a running WOD is posted, but they'll happily do thrusters and burpees until they puke.

They're missing the bigger picture.....

CrossFit is about being as functionally complete as an athlete as possible and that includes running.

So learn to embrace the running!

crossfit running

Best CrossFit Running Wods

It's time to up your fitness levels with our list of best running WODs.

Some of these WOD's involve just running some also include some body weight exercises(we've tried to reduce the need for equipment)

Hill Sprints

Find a good hill and sprint up it, jog or walk back down:

  • 20 times try not to rest more than a minute

1 Mile Rounds

Run for a mile at a medium pace:

  • 5 rounds, rest as long as the run takes

Tabata intervals

Sprint for 20 seconds rest for 10:

  • 8 rounds of 20 on 10 off


Old reliable Susan, do 5 rounds of:

  • Run for 200m
  • 10 squats
  • 10 push-ups

For Distance

Set yourself a goal distance to run and then try to hit it:

  • Aim for 3 miles if you are beginner
  • 5 miles if already fit
  • 10 miles if really well trained

Ascending Time

Rest times are the same as running times:

  • Run for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute
  • Run for 2 minute, rest for 2 minute
  • Run for 3 minute, rest for 3 minute
  • Continue forever ......

Run and Push

5 rounds of the following:

  • 30 push-ups
  • 200m sprint
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