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Crossfit Gear for Beginners

CrossFit workouts have become the go-to training method for getting in the best shape.

If you are just getting started with cross-training exercises, you may need to upgrade your workout gear. Wearing the right shoes and clothing may help improve your performance and comfort while reducing your chances of injury.

Most people will prefer to work out in what's comfortable and depending on the weather something that is also breathable.

Although there are many dedicated ​CrossFit gear brands as a beginner you really don;t need to go and and purchase anything to expensive except for you training shoes.

Crossfit Gear for Beginners

  • Shoes​
  • Chalk and Tap
  • Wrist and Knee Wraps
  • Foam Rollers
  • Resistance Bands

CrossFit Training Shoes

The shoes that you choose to wear is perhaps the most important piece of workout gear. You may be tempted to wear your old running shoes. However, running shoes do not provide the support needed when quickly transitioning between exercises.

CrossFit training shoes are specifically designed for the versatility of a cross-training workout session. They feature rigid heels constructed from rubber and other durable materials. The heel offers better support and stability when lifting while still offering moderate shock absorption for sprinting and jumping.

Chalk and Athletic Tape

If you do not work with your hands a lot, performing pull-ups and other bar exercises may cause blisters to form on your palms. Not only are these blisters painful but they may take several days to heal, keeping you from continuing your workout session.

Athletic tape can help you avoid this problem by protecting your hands. Over time, you may develop calluses on your hands, eliminating the need for athletic tape.

Along with the tape, you may find chalk useful for maintaining a good grip. The chalk removes moisture from your hands so that you can keep your grip and focus on completing the exercise.

Wrist and Knee Wraps

If you have weaker wrists, you may need a little extra support when performing pull-ups, push-ups, and even heavy lifts. Wrist wraps help support weak wrists and limit the chances of sprains.

You can also purchase wraps or sleeves for your knees. This workout gear also provides more support while adding compression to the knees. This eases some of the stress when squatting or jumping.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers help improve your mobility and work your core. Rollers are commonly used in CrossFit workouts and come in two sizes. The full-size roller is preferred. However, the half-size roller is easier to carry to the gym

A good foam roller can really help work out all those nasty knots in your muscles after training. Personally I use a foam roller before my workout and just before bed.

The are amazing at releasing built up tension in tight muscles.​

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are also useful for improving your mobility or for adding more resistance to your lifts. You can purchase a pack containing three types of resistance bands, ranging in stiffness to create varying levels of resistance.

They are also great for working those smaller muscles that contribute to the stability of the larger prime movers.

A few sets of external rotations 2 or 3 times per week can work wonders for the health of your shoulders and for your posture if combined with regular stretching.​

Last Thoughts on CrossFit Workout Gear

When choosing your gear, start with the shoes. CrossFit training shoes are the most essential gear for cross-training workouts, thanks to the balance of support and flexibility.

You may also want tape, chalk, and wrist wraps for support when performing pull-ups. While these items are great for beginners, you may eventually outgrow the need for them. The final items to add to your gym bag include a foam roller, resistance bands, and knee sleeves or wraps.

Buying the right gear for your workout provides a couple important advantages. With the proper items, you are less likely to get injured and may find that your performance improves.