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CrossFit Cost is it Really Worth It?

Just how much does CrossFit cost these days and is it really worth the added expense over a regular gym?

​With a fairly basic regular gym membership available at less than $50 per month depending on where you live on the surface the price of a CrossFit membership may seem quite steep especially to a beginner.

How Much Does CrossFit Cost ?

How much CrossFit costs will depend entirely on where you live and what type of membership you want:



Limited 3

Weights Only

Major City




Small City








Note: that the above CrossFit cost table is a rough guide only and it can vary greatly depending on the location, gym, frequency of visits, group rates, individual rates and number of instructors etc that are available in the gym.

The time of day that you visit can also play a huge factor in determining how expensive CroosFit is in your area with off-peak times generally presenting a significant savings.

Whether or not you want to CrossFit in a group or have a trainer work with you on an individual basis will also affect the price.

CrossFit vs Regular Gym Value

When we compare the cost of a regular gym versus CrossFit memberships pricing we are usually comparing apples with oranges.

Given that a CrossFit class will have an instructor present to guide you through your lifts, set goals and provide motivation all of which you will not get at a regular gym without paying extra, a CrossFit membership begins to look like it has a lot more value added in.

Another major advantage that a CrossFit gym has over a normal gym is the community.

At a Crossfit gym the community is super inclusive and supportive. Compared to a normal gym where most people are either wearing headphones, taking selfies or just looking in the mirror all the time then the CrossFit gym is more like a family, which is really hard to put a price on. ​

how much does crossfit cost

CrossFit Workout Gear

Do you really need to spend extra money on workout clothing and gear just for CrossFit?

Realistically as a beginner you should be fine wearing your normal workout clothing and any other accessories that you may need.

However, once you start to take things a little more seriously then the first item you should probably purchase are a pair of specialized CrossFit shoes. The flatter soles on these shoes will give you a more stable platform for lifting and performing bodyweight exercises.

Beyond that you can of course choose to wear some more breathable workout clothing. Although it is perfectly acceptable to CrossFit in loose fitting cotton T-shirts and shorts you may find that synthetic, breathable fabrics are better at wicking away sweat and chaff less than cotton.

Compared to the actual CrossFit gym membership costs these items are not that expensive and are yearly purchases rather than monthly.


Is is really worth it though?

Yes when you see just how much more value you are actually getting...

A great atmosphere, community, full body workout, strength training and cardiovascular training all in one place!