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CrossFit 6 Week Challenge – (Starting CrossFit the Right Way)

Just what exactly is the CrossFit 6 Week Challenge and who should be taking it?

You might be asking yourself am I ready for CrossFit?

Will it be too hard for me ?

Probably not, assuming you are generally in good health and do not have any injuries or major health issues.

CrossFit can be a bit in your face to an outsider. Lets face it no one wants to walk into an elite level class and have there ass handed to them.


​Everyone has to start somewhere.

If you have every thought about giving CrossFit a try but were too intimidated by all the hardcore training shots you see online then taking a 6 week challenge geared towards beginners is the perfect solution.

If you are a gym owner then creating and running regular 6 week challenges is the ideal way to draw in new members and ease them into CrossFit a little bit easier.

Your new members are probably going to stick around a lot longer are really begin to enjoy the challenges and group camaraderie that CrossFit offers over a regular gym if they experience a sense of achievement in completing a 6 week course. 

The CrossFit 6 Week Challenge

There are no two ways about it about it CrossFit is hard work.

But, that hard can and does pay off. If you have decided to take the plunge at your local CrossFit gym and sign up for a 6 week plan then you need to be aware that you have a lot of hard work ahead of you.

That hard work is most definitely worth it. Yes CrossFit makes you sore. You will sweat and you will get tired.

However the first couple of weeks are probably the hardest.

If you are prepared to stick with it then you will reap the rewards of all of that hard work and will probably meet some great people along the way.

What to bring on the first day?

At CrossFit workout gear for a beginner will be nothing more than your regular gym clothes.

You can save buying a pair of dedicated CrossFit shoes until you have finished you first challenge and have decided to take you CrossFitting a little more seriously.

Don't forget a gym towel, lots of water and some fruit for after. You can also bring a change of clothes and a towel for a shower afterward.

What to expect over the 6 weeks challenge?

The majority of CrossFit 6 Week Challenges will be fairly similar in their design and planning:

  • Train 3 times per week
  • Gym orientation
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Sample meal plan
  • Intro to bodyweight exercises 
  • Intro to Olympic lifting techniques
  • Keep a progress journal

Generally you should expect to train three days per week preferably on non-consecutive days, Tue/Thurs/Sat as an example.

Some programs may have you train every day during the first week or two and then drop down to three days per week.

You will be introduced to the gym and all of the equipment that you will use and also the usual gym etiquette that you would be expected to follow.

CrossFit Nutrition is generally based around clean eating. So no more processed food and soda's. Most challenges will talk you through how to choose your foods and may also give a sample meal plan for you to follow.

You will be guided through some basic workouts generally using body weight exercises and also medicine balls, chin-ups/dips on bars and some kettlebell work.

Depending on the gym that you join you will also get some weightlifting technique sessions and an introduction to using rings.

The workouts will be fast paced with regulated rest periods.

You may also be asked to take some pictures for a before and after comparison. Some people don't like these.

However, I would urge you to take the shots as the visible progress you will see over the initial six weeks ca​n be extremely motivating especially if you commit to keeping you diet nice and clean.