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CrossFit Cost is it Really Worth It?

Just how much does CrossFit cost these days and is it really worth the added expense over a regular gym?​With a fairly basic regular gym membership available at less than $50 per month depending on where you live on the surface the price of a CrossFit membership may seem quite steep especially to a beginner.How […]

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Cardio vs Weight Lifting

​Cardio vs Weight Lifting which is best, and do you really need to do both?Most doctors and fitness professionals recommend cardiovascular exercises to improve or maintain heart health, blood circulation, and overall health. However, skipping the weights can limit your chances of reaching your fitness goals. If you want to lose weight, you may need […]

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Pallof Press for Better Stability

Named after physical therapist, John Pallof, the Pallof press is one of those great core stability exercises from which everyone can benefit.It’s main purpose is to strengthen the obliques and rectus abdominus, which provide stability to the entire core and prevent excessive or unnecessary flexion or extension. Additionally, like many great exercises, it is simple to […]

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CrossFit Core Workout for Killer Abs

Do you need a specialized crossfit core workout or should the core be even trained in isolation from other compound movements ? Originally crossfit shunned any kind of direct ab or core workout. Deadlifts and squats and any other full body movement that required a lot of help to stabilize the core during the lift were […]

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