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Best CrossFit Booty Shorts for Women

CrossFit is not like a regular gym!

You may be used to wandering around from machine to machine in a normal gym without really breaking much of a sweat.


The demands of CrossFit are much higher of both your body and your workout clothes.

A loose fitting pair of cotton gym pants might be comfortable when you move from station to station in a health club.

Crossfit requires that your clothes are capable of moving with you as you perform complex movements and explosive lifts.

At the very least your first investment should be a pair of women's CrossFit shoes, next after that is workout wear that helps and not hinders.

​The choice is clear either a good pair of leggings(if you suffer from the cold) or a pair of Crossfit booty shorts.

Booty shorts are built to stretch.

And stretching is what you need. Box jumps, lunges and almost any other lower body exercise mean lots of hip flexion.

The Best CrossFit Booty Shorts offer the following features:

  • Stretch
  • Supportive
  • Moisture wicking
  • Non-see through

We're sure you'll agree that once you make the switch to a purpose made pair of CrossFit shorts for women that you'll never look back.

Best CrossFit Booty Shorts for Women

FIRM ABS Performance

The FIRM ABS Women’s Performance Athletic Sports Shorts are a great option for who that want complete freedom of movement. They are short, stretchable, and thick.

Pros and Cons of the FIRM ABS Performance Sport Shorts

These stylish sports shorts from FIRM ABS are made with a spandex blend featuring moisture-wicking technology.

The FIRM ABS Athletic Sports Shorts include several features to help increase the overall comfort and support of the shorts. They have a flat, elastic waistband that keeps the shorts in place. The material is also thick and stretchy despite being incredibly breathable.

The material is made with a combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex. It does not shrink. The material holds its shape even when worn every other day.

You also get to choose from nine different color combinations. These color combinations include a variety of solid colors for the exterior and several color options for the interior and seams.

While these are great shorts, they have one limitation. They have more sizing issues than the typical pair of gym shorts. More than one in four women say that the sizes are slightly small.

Key Features:
  • Flat elastic waist band
  • Thick, stretchable material
  • Available in many color combinations
Why Should You Consider Buying These Shorts?

These shorts offer an elastic waistband, multiple color options, and quality material. This material is thick yet still breathable. However, you may run into sizing issues.

Tough Mode Compression

The Tough Mode Women’s Compression WOD Shorts provide the compression and stretch that you expect from quality athletic shorts. You can also choose from two different versions of the shorts.

Pros and Cons of the WOD Athletic Booty Shorts

The WOD Athletic Booty Shorts are built for almost any activity including yoga, volleyball, CrossFit, running, and MMA.

These shorts are available in sizes extra-small to extra-large and come in a variety of colors and patterns. There are solid colors made from stretch nylon and patterned shorts made from a polyester blend.

The material is lightweight and stretchy with a matte finish instead of the shiny texture that appears with most nylon/polyester blends.

The Tough Mode Compression Shorts also have quality stitching, helping to prevent rips and general wear. While the material is lightweight and breathable, it is not see-through.

You can wear these shorts in confidence knowing that you are fully covered with a comfy pair of compression shorts.

There are no disadvantages to these shorts. However, the options of colors and patterns may not fit everyone’s tastes.

Key Features:
  • Available in many sizes and patterns
  • Matte finish material
  • High-quality stitching and design
Why Should You Think About Buying These Shorts?

The Tough Mode shorts are quality compression shorts with stretchy material for a perfect fit. They also include a matte finish, which some people prefer over the typical shiny texture.

Under Armour HeatGear

The Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Armour Shorts have a three-inch inseam along with ergonomic flatlock seams.

Pros and Cons of the Under Armour Women’s HeatGear

Under Armour is a leading manufacturer of active-wear. They know how to produce clothing that dries quickly and offers superior breath-ability.

The HeatGear Armour 3 Shorts include several features that are unique to active-wear made by Under Armour.

Besides the advanced moisture-wicking technology, they include anti-odor technology. Mildew and odors are less likely to be a problem. They are also built to last and should hold up to regular use.

These shorts include improved four-way stretch construction, ensuring that the shorts move with you without feeling too restrictive.

The HeatGear shorts are available in six different colors. However, they do not offer any patterns or prints.

Besides a limited selection of designs, some people find that the sizes run small. Typically, moving one size up solves this problem.

Key Features:
  • Anti-odour technology
  • Four-way stretch construction
  • Durable materials and stitching
Who Should Consider Buying the HeatGear?

The HeatGear Armour 3 Shorts are designed for active women who need shorts that will not wear out after a few uses. They are also among the most breathable shorts available that still offer plenty of support and comfort.

WOD Shorts

The Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts feature quality materials and a three-inch inseam for a comfortable fit. You also get to choose from a wide selection of colors and prints.

Pros and Cons of the Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts

Similar to most athletic shorts, the Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts are made with stretchy material to provide compression. These shorts also provide a variety of size options ranging from extra-small to extra-large.

The Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts are well built with durable stitching and flexible material. Thanks to these features, the shorts move with you instead of impeding your movement, which is great when performing squats. They also dry quickly.

The slick, shiny texture of the material may not appeal to everyone. However, the texture of the material also helps hide sweat spots. The sizes also run a little small. To avoid this issue, you may want to consider getting one size larger than normal.

Key Features:
  • Durable stitching
  • Flexible material
  • Quick drying
Conclusion: Why Choose These Athletic Shorts?

These booty shorts are the perfect choice for women who prefer the feel and texture of spandex. The material is durable and stretchy and does not restrict your movement.

IAB MFG Compression Shorts

The IABMFG Premium Women’s Compression Workout Shorts feature body-slimming properties, thanks to the compression of the Keiryo fabric. These versatile shorts are intended for all physical activities including yoga, dance, lifting, running, and CrossFit.

Pros and Cons of the IABMFG Compression Workout Shorts

The IABMFG Premium Women’s Compression Workout Shorts use unique stitching and material to produce high-quality athletic shorts.

The IABMFG shorts are made from a compression polyester/spandex blend. This material offers four-way stretch to prevent any restriction to your mobility. You can also feel the support when running, jogging, or performing other exercises with a lot of movement.

These shorts include a three-inch inseam and set right on the hips, ensuring that you get a comfortable fit. You may also choose from a wide selection of colorful patterns. Most sizes are available in 20 different patterns while some sizes offer solid-color versions. Both styles of shorts offer the support that you need.

Some users have mentioned that the sizes run a little small. Before purchasing, you may want to select one size larger than your normal size.

Key Features:
  • Reliable support and comfort
  • Three-inch inseam for superior fit
  • A wide variety of colorful patterns
Are the IABMFG Compression Shorts a Good Buy?

Overall, the IABMFG Compression Shorts are best suited for those with an active lifestyle. They can be worn during any physical activity and provide optimal comfort for those who do not like high-rise shorts.

Firm ABS Active Exercise

The FIRM ABS Women’s Active Exercise Fitness Shorts include moisture-management technology to keep the shorts dry during intense workouts.

Pros and Cons of the FIRM ABS Active Workout Shorts

With the FIRM ABS Active Exercise Fitness Shorts, you get a breathable pair of shorts to help prevent excessive sweating.

While these shorts are stylish, they are also functional. The material is thick, lightweight, and breathable. It offers moisture wicking to help combat sweat and helps keep you cool.

These shorts from FIRM ABS also have a fold-over waistband and drawstrings on the legs. You can fold the waistband down or keep it up for a high-rise fit.

One disadvantage is the length of the shorts. Even when the legs are not drawn with the drawstring, they show a lot of skin. Depending on the size, fit, and body type, some women may feel exposed.

Key Features:
  • Thick material and lining
  • Fold-over waistband
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
Who Should Buy the FIRM ABS Active Workout Shorts?

Overall, the FIRM ABS Women’s Active Shorts are a great buy for anyone who wants a comfortable, durable pair of gym shorts at a low price. Just remember to consider the length of the shorts before purchasing.

Nike Pro Training

The Nike Women’s Pro Training Shorts have a three-inch inseam, side seams, and an elastic waistband.

Pros and Cons of the Nike Women’s Pro Training Shorts

The Nike Women’s Pro Shorts are made with an 80% polyester and 20% spandex blend. This combination makes the shorts stretchable and breathable so that you can get a comfortable fit.

The side seams offer more stretch and durability while tracing the natural curve of your hips. They also have an elastic waistband. The waistband helps keep the shorts in place even when performing squats, lunges, and other exercises that require a lot of leg movement.

Most people find that these shorts provide a great fit. However, some people have issues with the sizing. Similar to many body-skimming shorts, the sizes may run small, depending on your personal preferences. If you are worried about the fit, remember to try choosing a size up.

Key Features:
  • Side seams
  • Elastic waistband
  • Great fit

Conclusion: Are These the Best Training Shorts for Women?

These shorts help showcase why Nike is a leading manufacturer of activewear. The Women’s Pro 3” Training Shorts are stretchy and durable and provide a great fit for most women.

RokFit Booty Shorts

The RokFit Booty Shorts are built for those with an active lifestyle. They are made with a super-soft nylon blend and come in a variety of sizes.

Pros and Cons of the Rokfit Booty Shorts

With the RokFit Booty Shorts, you get a body-skimming fit. These shorts hug your body and provide moderate compression. You also get the following advantages:

You can choose from three different colors. The RokFit Booty Shorts are available in black, white, or red. The solid colors and simple design are not flashy. Instead of fancy patterns, the manufacturer focused on quality.

The RokFit Shorts are durable due to the stitching and placement of the seams. They also have a wide waistband, which provides additional support without making the shorts any thicker.

While these are great shorts, there is one disadvantage. The RokFit Booty Shorts cost about twice the price compared to other gym shorts in the same category.

Key Features:
  • Available in three colors
  • Durable design
  • Thick waistband
Last Thoughts on the RokFit Booty Shorts

Despite the slightly higher price tag, the RokFit Booty Shorts are a great buy. They are made with an 80% nylon material that offers stretch and a comfortable fit. Overall, they are comfortable shorts with a simple design.

Activewear CrossFit Superhero

When you work out, it helps to have comfortable attire. The Activewear CrossFit Superhero Yoga Women’s Booty Boy Gym Shorts are designed to provide this comfort while also offering support.

Pros and Cons of the Superhero Yoga Gym Shorts

The Activewear Women’s Booty Boy Gym Shorts are quality shorts designed for all types of physical activity including yoga and CrossFit.

The Activewear CrossFit Superhero Women’s Booty Boy Gym Shorts are made with a spandex and polyester blend. This material is breathable, durable, and fade-resistant. The spandex/polyester blend is also resistant to shrinking. It holds its shape even with repeated wear.

The shorts also feature a mid-rise waistband. The combination of this mid-rise style and the stretchy material also creates more compression so that you always feel secure and supported by the shorts.

The only drawback is that they are intended for women who wear sizes 2 to 8. They do not come in various sizes. However, the stretch of the material covers sizes extra small to medium.

Key Features:
  • Breathable material
  • Shrink and fade-resistant
  • Comfortable mid-rise waistband
Should You Buy These Superhero Yoga Women’s Shorts?

These booty boy gym shorts provide comfort and style, making them perfect for almost any activity. You just need to ensure that your standard clothing size matches the size range of these one-size-fits-all shorts.

Reebok CrossFit Chase

The Reebok Women’s CrossFit Chase Shemagh Bootie Shorts are made with a super-soft material that includes speedwick technology for helping to dissipate sweat.

Pros and Cons of the Reebok Chase Shemagh Bootie Shorts

The Reebok bootie shorts are designed to provide comfort without hugging your skin. They offer a regular fit so that they are not too tight or too loose.

Key Features:
  • Moisture wicking technology
  • Stylish designs and patterns
  • Comfortable cotton/polyester blend

Most people love the feel of this material. These shorts are made with a super-soft cotton/polyester blend instead of the nylon/polyester blend that is commonly used for gym shorts. The material offers more stretch and comfort, which is what you need during a CrossFit workout of the day.

This material also includes moisture-wicking technology. This technology is useful for helping to keep the shorts dry during intense workouts.

The shorts are also available in a variety of stylish designs. However, not everyone will like the funky geometric patterns.

Should You Buy the Reebok Shemagh Bootie Shorts?

If you like fun patterns on your shorts, these are a wonderful pair of shorts. They include the features that you need in a pair of CrossFit shorts, including breathability, comfort, and compression.