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Running Shoes vs Training Shoes – What’s the Difference

Protecting your feet is essential for any physical activity, which requires you to select the right type of shoes.Running and training shoes are two popular options that people use for a variety of activities. However, they are not interchangeable. Wearing the wrong shoes may result in unnecessary discomfort and increase the risk of injury.Running Shoes […]

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CrossFit Gear for Women

With CrossFit becoming more and more popular a lot of ladies are venturing into their local Crossfit box. CrossFit requires you to perform a variety of movements by combining the best parts of weightlifting, plyometrics, running, and other gym activities.However to the unprepared their is a lot of different equipment and clothing available and it […]

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Best CrossFit Booty Shorts for Women

CrossFit is not like a regular gym!You may be used to wandering around from machine to machine in a normal gym without really breaking much of a sweat.But;The demands of CrossFit are much higher of both your body and your workout clothes.A loose fitting pair of cotton gym pants might be comfortable when you move […]

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Best Crossfit Gym Bags & Backpacks

One thing is for certain cramming all your CrossFit gear into an old high school backpack late at night preparing for you workout the next day will probably end up with: a big mess of gear and the fear of forgetting somethingIf you’re like me and have different shoes for CrossFit for agility training and […]

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Best Women’s CrossFit Shoes 2018/2019

CrossFit puts huge demands on your feet whether it’s: box jumps hill sprints Olympic lifts Your toes, mid-sole and ankles form the foundation on which almost every movement hinges.​CrossFit shoes for women are built a little differently than the regular running shoes that a lot of ladies will already have.The two designs differ because running […]

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SkiErg vs Rower – Concept 2 Shootout

SkiErg vs Rower – which one of these fitness torture machines is best?​Chances are if you have set foot inside any modern CrossFit box then you’ll already be familiar with the Concept 2 rower.​Rowing is hard, it’ll beat you down and have you grasping for air especially if you are doing intervals on it.However Concept […]

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CrossFit Diet and Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide

Pushing yourself hard in the gym and hitting those PB’s largely comes down to how motivated you are with your training. There are certain things you can do to help your body in your quest to reach that fittest, strongest and most ultimate version of yourself:Train hardEat wellGet plenty of sleepThe first happens in the […]

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CrossFit Soreness – All Pain and No Gain ?

CrossFit Soreness – we’ve all been there!It can be excruciating especially if you have not worked out in a while. So what exactly causes it and how can we help to reduce it?If you have just joined your local CrossFit gym and have be ​put through your paces in the first week you may be […]

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