About CrossFit Survival

CrossFit Survival is the culmination of several years of high level CrossFit practice. We aim to bring you the very best CrossFit information online.

Through years or experimentation and hard consistant training we have figured out what tends to work for the average CrossFitter.

Although each individual is different there is a lot of commonality that can be programmed for both beginners and advanced athletes.

Acknowledging that hard work and consistent dedication can trump natural talent is one of the first steps in ​attaining your CrossFit goals.

Arming yourself with the correct knowledge is the next crucial step.

Who We Are

CrossFitSurvival.com is written and maintained by a small team of fanatical CrossFitter's. We have extensive experience in both traditional weight lifting, bodyweight plyometric training and aerobic exercise.

We also have decades of combined real world dietary experience from low/high carb to Paleo and intermittent fasting.

Our writers have qualifications across a wide variety of sports, nutrition and physical therapy. All have extensive Crossfit certification and real world experience helping hundreds of people to transform both their bodies and their lives.